Designing, Implementing & Managing
a High-Profit Lab Outreach Program

May 11, 2017 – 8:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m.
Holiday Inn Airport (South), Atlanta, GA

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Kathleen A. Murphy, PhD, Senior Advisor – Chi Solutions
Dr. Murphy has over 30 years of progressively responsible experience in diagnostic services management and consulting. As Chi’s senior executive, Dr. Murphy oversees complex engagements involving strategic options development, operations optimization, performance improvement, and outreach growth and implementation. As a noted speaker and author, Dr. Murphy also directs the annual performance and publication of Chi’s widely regarded and referenced Comprehensive National Laboratory Outreach Survey. Before joining Chi, she directed laboratory and radiology operations at two of the top academic medical centers in Boston. Dr. Murphy obtained her PhD in microbiology and immunology from the University of North Dakota and has completed executive coursework at Dartmouth and Harvard Business School.

Ellen Neiduski, MT (ASCP)SC, MBA  – Managing Director, Health Solutions, FTI Consulting
Ms. Neiduski’s experience includes operational improvements and process redesign, clinical management, benchmarking and productivity enhancement, regulatory compliance and quality improvement. Ms. Neiduski has more than 30 years of progressive management experience in healthcare, spanning multi-hospital performance improvement engagements, focused department level operational assessments and action planning, as well as subject matter expertise in laboratory operations. She has a positive track record of building effective teams through collaboration, accountability and mutual respect for each team member’s unique contributions and for effectively utilizing diverse staff with varying levels of skill and education.

Regularly $695.00 – Early bird price $495.00 You save $200.00 (28% Savings)!
Number Attending:

This one-day program will be a deep-dive into the practical, proven steps hospitals can take to design, implement and manage a more profitable outreach program.  The program will give attendees the specific management, marketing and operation tips, tools and techniques that are working for successful outreach programs across the country, along with practical guidance for overcoming common challenges facing outreach programs, and making changes in your program that will help to accelerate program growth, revenue and profitability.

Sessions at this summit will address and stimulate discussion about key issues such as:

Researching outreach markets—Strategies for estimating outreach market share potential, benchmarking your current market share vs market potential vs what highly-profitable outreach programs are achieving; justifying program marketing potential and growth;  

Establishing financial goals—Tips for developing a realistic financial plan including budgeting and forecasting, establishing growth and revenue targets, managing profit margins, understanding risk/reward levels  

Building successful outreach programs—Secrets to implementing an effective management structure, recommended management skills and experience; establishing definable, realistic management goals; management reporting requirements;

Ensuring customer satisfaction—Proven approaches for maintaining and measuring customer satisfaction and implementing and reinforcing a customer-centric program; identifying and overcoming common customer service challenges; recognizing best customer service practices for making your program more customer-oriented and user-friendly;

Managing operational issues—Ideas establishing and managing effective billing and collections; building and maintaining smooth, efficient workflows; and other effective cost-cutting strategies;

Effective sales & marketing—Strategies for hiring, managing and training a productive sales and marketing staff; understanding current sales compensation plans; designing and implementing an effective marketing program;  building a recognized brand; tips from proven outreach marketing ideas and techniques that are working for other programs;

Managing technical capabilities—Refining your test menu offerings to fit your market and increase revenue; lowering your costs; building efficient, under-friendly test ordering and reporting;  and partnering with local, regional and national labs.

Regularly $695.00 – Early bird price $495.00 You save $200.00 (28% Savings)!
Number Attending: