Lab Billing, Payments & Collections Summit 2018-08-01T09:40:48-07:00

Lab Billing, Payments & Collections Summit

Where: Holiday Inn & Suites Denver International Airport, 6900 Tower Road , Denver, Colorado
When: Friday, August 3, 2018, from 8 am to 5 pm MT

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A Special One-Day Lab Leadership Summit from G2 Intelligence:
Lab Billing, Payments & Collections Summit

Registration is limited to just 40 attendees. Our 1-Day Summits allow you to discuss your questions and concerns with our experts one-to-one in an intimate, non-rushed setting. Register now to secure your seat!

Kurt Matthes

Understand Your Lab’s Revenue Mix and Profitability by Using Analytics to Identify and Guide Income-Boosting Efforts

Presenter: Kurt Matthes, TELCOR Vice President, Reengineering and Service, Revenue Cycle Management

Your laboratory’s performance has many influences. Specialty, payer mix and network status, patient billing policies and the level of automation in your billing and collections process all have an impact. You need meaningful information in the right format, at the right time with the right content to adapt to change as it happens. Take the guesswork out of your decisions by establishing key profitability metrics to pinpoint gaps and identify trends. Leverage these metrics and deploy common sense tactics to boost your bottom line.

Session Objectives:

  • Understand establishing key metrics and their impact on revenue cycle.
  • Understand the importance of reimbursement tracking and key metrics that have maximum impact.
  • Understand high-level lab strategies to weather market changes in addition to common-sense tactics to drive positive collections.
  • Understand how building profitability models can guide your contracts.

Richa Singh

Out-of-Network: Frequently Asked Questions

Presenter: Richa Singh, Executive Vice-President, CollectRX

Out-of-network reimbursements remain a viable option for providers, but many facilities struggle because they are unfamiliar with some of the intricacies required to successfully run an operation with this payment model. In fact, there are many unanswered questions that could greatly affect being aptly compensated for services they are rightfully delivering. Join us to learn the answers to frequently asked questions about the out-of-network landscape.

Mick Raich

Auditing Your Revenue Cycle: A Quantitative analysis of the RCM process and how to use this to increase your revenue.

Presenter: Mick Raich, President / CEO, Vachette Pathology, Stark Medical Auditing

What if you could measure how good your revenue cycle company or team’s performance?  What would your team score and how can you use this to increase your revenue and decrease your compliance risk?

Chris WattsDiana Brooks

Uncovering Valid Insurance Coverage: How to Increase Lab Reimbursement & Reduce Staffing Expenses

Presenter: Diana Brooks, Director of Anatomic Pathology Program Development, XIFIN and Christopher Watts, VP of Revenue Cycle Management, Cordant Health Solutions

As a result of the new clinical laboratory fee schedule that was derived from the PAMA exercise, labs are facing major reimbursement pressures and fee cuts. This, coupled with a rise in the number of patients with high-deductible health plans and inaccurate data, put revenue at risk for many laboratories. This session will discuss challenges around insurance coverage for self-pay patients, the resulting denials and ways to improve reimbursement rates and reduce operating costs.

Diana Voorhees

Laboratory and Pathology Billing and Reimbursement for 2018

Presenter: Diana Voorhees, Principal, DV & Associates, Inc.

Change is constant. So are the requirements related to laboratory and pathology coding, billing and reimbursement. During this session, changes related to date of service and place of service will be addressed. Other billing nuances will be identified and discussed. Issues that impact reimbursement will be highlighted and discussed as timely for current payment processes.


  • Discuss variations in Date of Service reporting
  • Identify Place of Service options and appropriateness of selection
  • Describe medical necessity and discuss the current impact on reimbursement and compliance
  • Discuss pertinent policies and issues affecting coverage
  • Determine function and impact of CMS editing systems
  • As time allows, delve into additional topics of interest or concern

Regularly $695.00 – Early bird sale price $495.00 You save $200.00 (14%)!

Number Attending:
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