Agenda – Outreach Summit 2018

Agenda – Outreach Summit 2018 2018-05-16T11:00:54-07:00

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By: Michael Sherman, Marketing Director, G2 Intelligence/Plain Language Media

Speaker: J.D. Kirchberg, Vice President of Global Outreach, Accumen

Sales and Operations departments are measured differently on results from a performance standpoint. Operations is about controlling/reducing costs and driving efficiencies while the outreach sales team goal is to drive growth in new clients, increase retention and utilize capital to build out infrastructure to meet the complex needs of the marketplace. From managing effective billing and collections to opening new access points, having the necessary tools to maintain smooth collaboration, efficient workflows, and effective cost-cutting strategies, the demands on the lab are significant.

Join this engaging session to discuss strategies for finding “common ground” and ensuring a collaborative environment exists as the key to your future outreach program success in the laboratory.


  • Understand how to set realistic performance expectations that align with operations team goals
  • Develop data and insights to justify new infrastructure sources needed for outreach (PSC and IOP)
  • Identify processes and procedures for onboarding new clients to secure sustainability

Speaker: Suzanne Carasso, MBA, MT (ASCP), Director Business Solutions Consulting, ARUP Laboratories

Historically, laboratories have operated as revenue centers within hospitals, with providers ordering tests and payers willing to reimburse. Today, labs are trending toward becoming cost centers, with ever-diminishing profit margins. Subsequently, some health system administrators are asking ‘Why keep the laboratory in-house when we can outsource and cut costs?’

Commoditizing laboratory medicine may sound viable at first glance, but on deeper review, is not a sustainable strategy. Competitive differentiation comes from demonstrating unique value the laboratory provides that goes well beyond the price of a test or a test result.

Laboratory outreach is emerging as an opportunity for labs to provide value to hospitals and health systems by providing testing services for all patient types, regardless of location. In addition to lowering unit costs, increasing outreach test volumes provide new revenue streams, positions the laboratory to utilize excess capacity and operate more efficiently.

This session will include an overview of trends impacting labs, differentiate between price and value, and provide detail on laboratory outreach as an integral part of the sustainable laboratory.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand top trends that impact clinical labs and influence outsourcing decisions.
  • Differentiate price versus value.
  • Identify ways in which labs deliver value to parent organizations.
  • Evaluate laboratory outreach as a strategy for labs to transition from cost to value centers.
  • Examine critical success factors for successful outreach programs.

Speaker: Ellen J. Dijkman Dulkes, MS, MT (ASCP), Outreach Services Manager, Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine, Dartmouth-Hitchcock and Jane Hermansen, MBA, MT (ASCP), Manager, Network and Outreach Development, Mayo Medical Laboratories, Rochester

Health system integration has created both opportunities and challenges for laboratories. Although there may be an assumption that employed and aligned providers will willingly send their testing to the health system laboratories, it may not always be the case. It may be necessary to disrupt prior laboratory relationships in order to provide a competitive service. Implementing a competitive laboratory service within a health system may be a complex project, with high pressure, high visibility and even higher expectations.

Learn of one health system’s goal to provide competitive laboratory services to all providers within the system, the process they used to justify the project, the challenges they faced through planning and implementation, and how this project set the stage for future growth and success.

Learning Objectives

  • Describe current industry trends that are impacting health system laboratories and outreach programs
  • Identify the value of aligning the laboratory business plan with organizational strategy
  • Define the steps needed to navigate a complex project
  • Develop metrics to demonstrate success and identify opportunities for future outreach program refinement

Speaker: Peter Francis, President, Founder, Clinical Laboratory Sales Training, LLC

Every commercial lab and hospital lab outreach program should include six major components within their sales plan in order to effectively motivate their field staff and compete in their marketplace. It’s important to know what to include, as well as areas to avoid.

Topics encompass: hiring the right person, training, sales motivators, sales plan pitfalls, common rep mistakes and crafting a marketing plan.

With strict adherence to these principles, labs can win the battle within their highly rivaled market.

After attending the session, the learner will be able to:

  • Institute a comprehensive in-house sales training program
  • Establish a sales recognition program
  • Create a comprehensive sales/marketing plan

Speaker: Ellen Neiduski, Managing Director, Health Solutions, FTI Consulting

You’ve taken on your first outreach lab client; now what? This session will review the day-to-day operational concerns that come along with servicing laboratory clients, including such topics as:

  • Client services/call center
  • Specimen collection/pickup
  • Setting turnaround expectations/production schedule
  • Problem tracking and monitoring
  • Billing and write-offs
  • Meeting the expectations of laboratory clients (or how to deliver on what sales promised)

Speaker: Kiran Ganda, Director of Product Marketing, Precision Medicine, Sunquest Information Systems

Whether you already offer molecular testing, or are thinking of adding it to your suite of services, one thing is for sure: this testing is in high demand and will only continue to grow.

Genetic and molecular testing is the fastest growing segment of the lab market, critical to the pursuit of precision medicine, and more accessible than ever before due to increased efficiencies in next-generation sequencing. In this session, we will: review key considerations of starting or scaling an efficient molecular testing program, including how to streamline complex workflow, better manage data, and more confidently interpret genetic variations at the point of care.

Purpose-built molecular and genetic testing programs will be critical for labs looking to stay competitive, enhance outreach effectiveness, and ultimately satisfy and grow the patient-customer base.

Speaker: Andrew B. Wachler, Managing Partner, Wachler Associates

In today’s legal environment, laboratory outreach programs must be appropriately structured to comply with the various federal and state fraud and abuse laws applicable to such programs. It is important for those in the industry to be aware of these legal concerns and how laboratories can mitigate risk when structuring their sales, marketing, and outreach programs.

The audience will learn:

  • Fraud and abuse laws applicable to sales, marketing, and outreach programs, including the federal Anti-Kickback Stature, Stark law, and other state fraud and abuse laws;
  • How to structure compliant sales, marketing, and outreach programs in an effort reduce legal exposure;
  • Recommended compliance activities and education; and
  • Other compliance issues affecting laboratory sales, marketing, and outreach programs.
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